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Warehousing, Control and Accuracy

Posted by McHugh Consulting

Jul 2, 2014 4:48:13 PM

 Here at McHugh Consulting we are committed to provide our Customers with Best Practice methods of controlling their business be it small or large. All too often companies/staff complicate simple tasks thereby wasting time and money. Our methodology in Consulting is to simlify, where possible, functions in a Business through methods our Consultants have tried and tested for many years and have reaped the rewards. A warehouse is a typical place to start this process. So let us now look at a warehouse from our Consultants perspective.

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McHugh Consulting begins a series of Blogs on European Legislation

Posted by McHugh Consulting

Jul 2, 2014 7:39:00 AM

 So you are in total compliance with Legislation in all your processes, Or are you?

This Blog was written by Colin Thirlaway at the request of McHugh Consulting. This is yet another area that we are skilled to be able to support you in Consultancy. We will also be asking experts like Colin to give you their views and knowledge. Consultancy in this field is not very common in many Countries and therefore businesses are vulnerable to being held up as being non-compliant. In McHugh Consulting we have the skills to support you.

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Manufacturing after the recession: what now?

Posted by Gerry McHugh

Jun 18, 2014 1:44:00 PM

Manufacturing after the recession

So you have managed to survive the worst recession in many years but what are you going to do now? Typically companies have lost key staff and it may not be possible to get them back. As a Consultant with so much experience in Manufacturing I understand the headache that this will bring just as you start to grow.

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Quality control starts at your front door

Posted by Gerry McHugh

May 23, 2014 1:28:00 PM

It may seem over the top when I say quality control is like the blood in your body, but if it does not reach everywhere it should, you wont know until it's already too late. Quality must reach every part of your business or it will be the same. So how do you make sure quality control starts at your front door?

When you talk about quality in a company you are talking about everyone and their work from the janitorial staff to the most senior executive. It is so comprehensive that it would be impossible for me to cover it all here. So I am going to detail the importance and consequence of failure to implement quality control processes into the company.

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Are my staffing team covering all the bases

Posted by Gerry McHugh

May 22, 2014 11:51:22 AM

A question that can be hard to answer is "are my staffing team covering all the bases". Unless you know what the bases are, can you be really confident? Here I address a number of areas that your Human Resources team will play a vital role in the success of your company.


The basic role of your Human Resources department


HR have a wide range of duties including, but not limited to:

  •        Ensuring all staff at every level know and understand what is required of them
  •        Know what the necessary policies are and keep them up to date
  •        Be the holder and enforcers of the company handbook
  •        Maintain staffing files in a confidential manner and can only be accessed by those authorised to do so
  •        Ensuring the factors that affect employee motivation are front of mind


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